Friday, March 16, 2012

The Zone

At the start of cycling class, the instructor -- Salina, announced the ride would be a consistent climb in zone three/four. Zone three/four is a nice pace. Your legs burn, your heart is pumping, you feel exhilarated, but you never really become taxed. In cycling, some rides are about intensity, some about hill climbing. If you enter zone eight with the tension cranked -- you are riding hard.

Some days the goal is to really max yourself out and ride hard. Other days it's about going the distance. The instructor sets the tone, however, everyone has different goals and are at different levels. Each day your body feels different which can alter your performance. Each day you want something more or less from the experience.  So, today, about midway through class Salina asked, "What do you want today?" How fitting...I thought. When I got to class my mindset was to ride hard. I had even wrote a Facebook post saying "Ride hard or don't ride at all." In that moment I cranked another gear and brought it to another level. Instructors, trainers, they guide you, but it's up to YOU to find the zone. Today, for me cycling class wasn't about going the distance -- it was about riding hard. My legs are heavy and burning and I feel good!

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