Thursday, December 8, 2011

- 5

I'm operating on a -5. Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate and enthusiastic I am -- especially when I believe in something, I get pumped UP. My voice raises and I just get to Whew! I get that from my dad's side - The Mosley's. My dad jokingly says I'm reserved and that I'm really operating on -5, go figure. Anyway, I'm really, really super passionate about my bid for a healthy, fit lifestyle. And, I want to share that passion. I do that in a number of ways: blogging,  motivational speaking, cooking classes, speaking to anyone and everyone that will listen, Facebook, etc.

Daily, I'm trying to make connections to promote my ideas for healthy living to the community.  I have tons of connections and plenty of folks who believe in my ideas, which I'm grateful for, but not everyone is as passionate about trying to do the same things I am. Sometimes it's frustrating. Sometimes I get discouraged. I think I have great ideas. I want to share my knowledge and help people. I pitch my ideas all the time and then I get no call back, no respond to my emails, or I get told not at this time or just no. I've come to the realization that my passion, my beliefs, my desires are just that -- mine. Surely, folks may share some of my passion to a certain extent, but not quite my way. I'm operating on a -5, which for most people is off the richter scale.

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