Thursday, December 22, 2011

Like Charlie Brown

Not The Scrooge or The Grinch,  I actually like Christmas and some of the commercialism. I love the smell of Christmas trees, freshly baked goods, the sounds of Christmas, and all the glitz. I, however, struggle with how everyone runs around like mad, scrambling to procure gifts, most of the gifts have no real meaning behind them.

News flash people: There is a religious reason we celebrate, Christmas.  Though most of us don't take that into account. At the very least it seems we should just cherish our time spent with family and friends.  What about taking in a movie? Having a coffee date? Or a sit down meal at home? Yesterday, I was looking forward to meeting with two of my friends for coffee. I had small gifts for them, but mainly I wanted to just have a chance to sit down and catch up with them. I've been extremely busy with public events the last few months and truthfully I was really looking forward to some time with friends. Last minute, both of them cancelled (they were separate dates) on me. Today, I was suppose to meet a friend for coffee and she too had to reschedule "So much going on." It's a sad shame that we all have become too busy to connect and share time with one another. For me the time together, laughing, talking, connecting is more important, meaningful than the gifts.

Today, I'll continue my holiday baking while listening to Christmas tunes, hopeful in the next few days, I'll get to meet with some of my loved ones to spread my holiday cheer.  In my old age, I'm a lot like, Charlie Brown.

"Give love on Christmas day...No greater gift is there than love."

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