Monday, September 12, 2011


I've experienced some pretty dark moments in my life. I've come to learn those dark moments are the most defining moments. It's taken me sometime, but I no longer question the darkness instead I embrace it. I accept that everything will work out for the good. I've come to realize that out of the darkness there is ALWAYS light. Sitting still with myself, wrestling with my emotions and feelings, in dark moments have helped me become the person I am today. I am right where I'm suppose to be in life. Doing exactly what I should be doing.  I'm grateful, thankful, and full of joy, love, and peace.  After my debut motivational speech a gentleman told me, "Your message is a gift from God." Last Friday, I was able to share my gift again and I tell you as I looked out in the audience and saw all those wonderful faces, I was, and still am blinded by light.

L: Blog follower, Debbie 
R: Gym buddy, Drea

L: Laurie, Marketing Director
R: Linda, my wonderful manager

Courtyard Village staff

My first check from motivational speaking...
Does this mean I'm a professional now?

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