Friday, September 2, 2011

Rappers and Athletes

I envy how rappers and athletes can openly celebrate their victories. Ever listen to a rap song? They boast about themselves how they come from the bottom up. I think that's part of the reason I like to listen to rap. I mean, it would be nice to just say something like what Drake says without feeling self-conscious: "Everyone who doubted me is asking for forgiveness. If you ain't been a part of it at least you got to witness..." Oh and this is another favorite line of mine: "Started off local, but thanks to all the haters, I know G4 pilots on a first name basis." Wow! Talking about saying how you really feel. I love it! Maybe instead of motivational speaking, I should be a rapper. Ha ha.

After a killer lob, Serena Williams, pumps her fist in the air and screams, "C'mon!" Just pumping her self up and letting her opponent know she's juiced. Kobe Bryant goes to the hole and then celebrates with his teammate by bumping chests. I'm never offended by their actions because they are simply celebrating their success. What's so wrong with that? I say nothing. Heck, we all should celebrate our successes more often.

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