Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have to be ME

Greeting September with a smile
Hello, September. I don't want to start you off on a negative note, but sometimes it's best to not hold things in. So forgive me for greeting you with negativity. Please be assured that there will be no more negativity on my part this month.

With that said, I'm on a mission to be the best person I can be. I'm fine tuning myself as I grow and learn. Again, I say this is a transformation from the inside out. By creating Farewell Fatso! I've put myself, my journey on public display. So I can expect from time-to-time to receive not so positive comments or feedback. That's just part of it. Lately, though there's been a monkey on my back and frankly I'm tired of carrying it around. I feel as if some folks really aren't rooting for me instead quite the opposite.

I have to be me. I'm a complex person with several layers. Sorry to offend, annoy, or make you feel less than for being me. Here's what I say to those not on my team: You don't have to be on my team. I'm going to make it with or without your approval or support. Please keep your negative thoughts and attitudes far away.  I was telling my dear friend about comments that have been made. Here's her touching response:

"...The rest of us get so much benefit from you that it doesn't matter. They just aren't ready to face themselves or the world. There's nothing you say that isn't worth hearing about repeatedly unless you're an ugly hater that doesn't want to face facts about yourself personally. DO NOT let that get to you.  I spent months watching, reading, hearing what you said and not being ready. But I am not a hater, besides I love the dickens out of you so I kept on. At any rate, my point is by doing so and with the blessing of you sharing...I am getting control of my life back. Baby steps all be it, but I'm coming back. I feel lots better. Not because I am thinner, but because I am just plain better and slowly getting more control back. I feel better that I control my food and it doesn't control me. I am slowly seeing me for who/what I really am and not all that negative talk all the time. What next? It could be anything. I could get out of this loveless relationship I'm in or maybe even find a way to bring love back to it. Who knows? But I do KNOW my friend are so very responsible for much of this. I take credit for doing it myself. But IDK if I could have done it without you sharing your journey. It helped like flip a switch in my brain. I am not you by any means. But because of you I am a better me. I may not have articulated how I truly feel very well, but I think you might get it. So please girl, don't take it away from me because of some folks that haven't been saved can't handle the truth about themselves. I'm serious, and I can't imagine my life is the only life you've touched so deeply. Maybe our friendship has made your story hit home a little harder than if you were a stranger to me, IDK what ever it is.... You are amazing and you let me know I can be amazing too." xoxoxo ♥♥ 

There's lots of positive stuff going on in September and based on my already full calendar. I have a funny suspicion, dare I say, September may trump August. I'm so very excited about sharing my story with more and more people and inspiring folks to action.  September 2011 will be sensational!

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