Wednesday, July 13, 2011

23 / 1

Shh....I'ma let you in on a secret. You probably won't even believe me. It took me a while to wrap my mind around it too. It's the God's honest truth though. Diet/nutrition trumps exercise everyday of the week when it comes to weight loss. I know, I know. A hard pill to swallow. We all like going to the gym and getting our workout on.  It makes us feel good. It's a rush. A high like no other. When we leave the gym we feel so accomplished.  I must preface the rest of what I'm going to say, by saying, please DON'T stop your workout regimen, it's important for your overall health and fitness. But...

...As my good friend and coach reminds me all the time, the one hour or so I spend in the gym is not nearly as important as the 23 hours I spend away from the gym. Steve's a certified personal trainer so of course he wants folks to come to the gym. Duh, that's how he makes his living. So for him to give me this insider information is HUGE. He tells me all the time -- you don't even have to come to the gym but you do have to watch what you eat. When I went down with my fractured leg a few months ago. He immediately stepped in and helped me refocus my attention to my diet. He pointed out that I still would be able to lose weight while I was down if I paid attention to what I ate. Guess what? He was right. I did NOT gain any weight during my 14 weeks rehabbing instead I lost 10  lbs.

Steve has been after me about my diet for sometime, however, I'm stubborn and I would not listen. I thought whatever - I can sneak in a cookie here. Have an extra little bit of orzo and spinach there. The less I weigh though it seems I'm unable to get away with those types of behaviors. I'm stubborn, but no fool and so I realize that it's time for me to set aside my destructive ways in order to meet my goals. I certainly have not and will not give up my exercise routine -- I love the way working out makes me feel --but I am taking his lead, following his theory, and really dialing in on my diet, 23/1.

To put it all in prospective, check out this video -  you can't out train a bad diet:

Still don't quite buy into the 23/1 theory, check out this article:

Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

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