Thursday, July 14, 2011


  1. I'm not perfect - surprise.
  2. I feel like a hypocrite... 
  3. I ate out of pure emotion last night.
The last few days since the release of the article have been emotionally overwhelming for me -- in a good way. This is everything I wanted lots of traffic to the blog, positive feedback about my progress -- and to inspire and motivate others. Heck, that's why I blog, but seeing it all come together is a little much.  

I've often said this before I'm no reality TV contestant.  I'm not farmed away at some facility working the weight off because of a monetary prize or for fame. I don't have a staff of personal trainers and a chef. Nor do I get the luxury of dodging my everyday affairs while I'm off taping the show. I'm right in the thick of life. Beyond my battle with obesity I'm a single mother, daughter, friend, dog owner. I juggle finances, relationships -- you get the jist. It's business as usual and somedays it all just becomes too much. 

Yesterday, was one of those days. I was on an emotional high from all the hype about the article. I went to get the mail  and there's a letter from the unemployment office -- no check this week. Huh? So I had to stop and call them to figure out why. Then my dog hurt himself and required a visit to the vet. Did I just mention I didn't get a check this week? Heavy sigh. With all the emotions the ups and the downs -- I longed for the familiar: Butter, sugar, chocolate chips in the form of a cookie. Trust me, I knew I was merely craving the cookies out of emotion but I longed for the kind of comfort that didn't require discussion or much thought. If I called a friend that would require me to actually talk through it and quite frankly I was tapped out from communicating. Okay, so why not take a walk? I just didn't want to.  So, I say all this to say, I baked a half batch of my signature chocolate chip cookies last night and ate them out of pure emotion.

News flash: This is life folks. I'm doing the best I can to battle obesity and manage life. Somedays I have slip- ups and eat chocolate chip cookies. Make no mistake today is a new day and I won't let yesterday stop me from making my ultimate goal. For once and for all, Farewell Fatso!

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