Friday, July 29, 2011

Right on course

2011 © Vivian Johnson
When I was hit by a car and sidelined with a fractured tibia in February, I could not conceive why. At the time, I was working with an awesome trainer, fitness level and endurance at it's peak. I was even training for a half marathon. In a blink of an eye a "Change of Course." 

I spent months on crutches with no weight bearing to my leg -- in a brace. I made a pact with myself during this time to keep my spirits high, but let me tell you -- those were some trying months. Having to get around was difficult, not being able to exercise with intensity even more difficult, friends came and went, and then there was the fear that I would not fully recovery. Sometimes at our darkest hour - our lowest point is when we rise to the top. When we are going through life at a study pace, all is well and life is easy we find ourselves in a comfort zone. It usually takes some sort of tragedy, a period of darkness to force us to make adjustments, dig deep, and sit still with ourselves. Trying times are what build character. Again, I did not conceive at the time why I was being taken on this route. Ohhhhhhh but now I can see clearly. I'm blinded by light. Like Eminem said, "I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one." So folks here I am at this place, five months later: leg mostly healed, working with another phenomenal trainer, regaining my strength, and on the verge of some really big life changing events. I can honestly say, everything happens for a reason and we may not see it at the time because we can't see past the darkness, but I kept my spirits high, kept living my life and exercising. Some people would say that I've been setback five months, I beg to differ -- I'm right on course.

I read a book, "Returning: A Spiritual Journey," while taking a theology course in college and I refer to this excerpt again and again: "In times of anguish it was hard to have the faith of an Abraham, and difficult to be reassured by doubts when I seemed to be walking in darkness. Yet there I was, like everyone else, having emerged from all sorts of crises and heartbreak and traumas, events that seemed to have insured my destruction or at least any chance of ever feeling joyous and fulfilled again, and I had gone on, and felt renewed and hopeful all over again, and the very pits of despair most often seemed to have been entries to the next unexpected, unimaginable (while in the pit) emergence and rebirth." ~Dan Wakefield 

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