Friday, July 1, 2011

Raise Your Glass

When I created Farewell Fatso! last July I had a vision for it's direction. As a product of childhood obesity I wanted to do my part to help combat childhood obesity. My plan was to blog about childhood obesity related issues, reach masses, and create a childhood obesity movement. My blog and FB page were going to be so BIG that eventually our First Lady Michelle Obama would get word of it and ask me to start a local "Let's Move" chapter. What can I say? I think big.

Fast forward: One year and Farewell Fatso! is on a completely different course. So I started thinking what is Farewell Fatso? Well, the way I see it, Farewell Fatso! is a little bit of everything.  Relevant. Non-relevant.  Farewell Fatso! is where I chronicle my real life weight loss and fitness journey. Farewell Fatso! is a spot where I hang out and share my passion for health, wellness, food - good food. It's a safe place where I share  my daily successes, struggles about my childhood nemesis, obesity. Ultimately, Farewell Fatso! is about self-discovery, acceptance, love. It's the place where the fat girl FINALLY makes way for the beautiful, fit, confident woman. Thanks again for entertaining my crazy, embracing, and encouraging me. Raise your glass, here's to another triumphant year.

As promised I've made some changes to the blog, I hope you like the new color and pattern. Per your MANY requests, I've added a "Recipes Galore" section (Right hand middle page). Currently, there are only a few recipes, but don't fret I'll continue to add more. And yes I'm partial to Martha Stewart's recipes. 

Also, please take a moment to read the new pages I've added under the "Pages" section at the top right.. I've even added a "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Don't worry, I'm not giving up on childhood obesity issues,  I'll still post childhood obesity related articles from time-to-time and there is still a"Childhood Obesity Resources" section as well. 

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The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

The evidence of an epidemic is everywhere.

· Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are
overweight or obese.

· Obesity-related diseases are a $147 billion dollar
medical burden every year.

· Childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years

Source: CBS News