Friday, July 15, 2011

"Start from Scratch"

I love music and I'm really eclectic in my taste. If you got a hold of my iPod you'd be blown away at the diversity - whoa Nelly. Anyhow, when it's time for a gritty workout the genre I prefer is Hip-Hop and Rap. One of the songs I listen to, to get me pumped up is ""Start from Scratch" by The Game. In the introduction he says: "What you looking at self. You want a piece of me?" He's calling himself out. I need to be called out too when I'm about to deadlift. Hee hee. Once I  hear that intro I go into a zone.  

So I was out walking recently, my mind more relaxed and the song came on in the shuffle. I finally really got the full context of the message...Yes, rap music usually has a message. 

The chorus: 
If I could start my life from scratch

If I could take away the pain off my past
If I had another chance I would do just that
I'd give anything just to go right back

Aha! That's just it -- all the events of my life, tragic and not so tragic make me who I am. 
  • The busted down training wheels on my bike as a girl
  • Having a child at 20 years old and raising her by myself
  • Tipping the scales at 388 lbs.
  • And, my defining moment...The darkest, coldest winter I've EVER experienced -- 2009 has transformed me into the beautiful, vibrant, fit, woman I am today. 

While suffering through that long, dark winter I could not see any light. I didn't even conceive there was light. Ha but out of the darkness I  found myself and as a result I've created myself. If I had to do it all over, no doubt, I'd start from scratch. 

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