Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Changing Face

I'm looking more and more like my mama. When I was heavier I looked more like my dad and his side of the family, but as I lose weight most people who know me say all the time "You look like, Lodie." I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a family friend. He waved at me tentatively from across the room. From the look on his face it seemed as if  he was confused. I haven't seen him in umpteen years, but he has saw my mom recently. So I think, he thought, I was my mom. The same day, I was sitting outside my mom's house and her neighbor pulled up. The neighbor started right in talking to me about this and that. No doubt, she thought I was my mom too. I think no matter, I still have my dad's eyes and definitely I have both of their DNA.

Throughout this amazing journey, I'm shedding the pounds, recreating myself, and looking more like my mama.

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The evidence of an epidemic is everywhere.

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Source: CBS News