Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bare Arms

You would think with all the weight I've lost I would have an easier time getting dressed. Humph. It's just the opposite. It's a huge ordeal lately. Mainly, because of all the sagging skin under my arms. I'm pleased for now with the look of my clavicle bone, shoulders, and back. But, the saggy skin under my arms makes it oh so difficult to find something to cover up and it seems with the smaller size shirts they make the sleeves shorter, making it all that much more difficult. Heavy sigh.

So yesterday as I got dressed for some holiday fun, I was really struggling with not wearing a jacket over my halter dress. In the end, I decided to just embrace my arms.  Who cares -- they're my big, saggy arms and I'm not hiding them anymore. Sorry if I offended anyone who had to witness them. Better get use to them because I've given myself permission from this day forward  to bare arms.

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