Monday, August 15, 2011

All food is NOT created equal

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but all food is NOT created equal. The other day, I was at the store and saw a lady with a grocery cart full of NO-NOs. Cheap, processed food in packages, boxes, and cans. I did not catch a glimpse of any real food. Didn''t I just blog about this a few weeks ago? UGH. Anyway, here's the deal:
  • Blue Bonnet is full of crap and it's NOT butter
  • Cream CAN'T be light or fat-free - uh, it's cream!
  • Fat-free and light mayo, sour cream - yeah, right
I personally, NEVER use anything light or fat free. Phooey. I don't want to compromise the taste of my food. I'd rather eat and fully enjoy less of the real thing. Actually, as a rule of thumb it's better to stay away from the light and fat-free foods because they usually have more calories. After all, they have to replace the fat with something. Don't believe me? Check out this article:

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The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

The evidence of an epidemic is everywhere.

· Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are
overweight or obese.

· Obesity-related diseases are a $147 billion dollar
medical burden every year.

· Childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years

Source: CBS News