Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I shop at Neiman Marcus

I can finally say that I love myself enough to not settle for anything less than I deserve. I'm no longer willing to work in a dead end job that zaps my spirit, no longer willing to hang around folks who are not positive, and I no longer desire to be in the company of a man who is, well, Kmart standards. My self transformation journey has brought me to a place where I recognize my self-worth. 

It's been a long time coming, but I finally believe what my girlfriend told me about myself, men, and dating, "You are a prize to be won." She's right. If a man steps to me. He needs to win me. After all, a man seeks a wife. You see, I've been single for quite sometime now. I've been in a few brief relationships on and off that tapped out really fast. In retrospect, I realize some of the reasons the so-call relationships didn't work were because of some of my ways. I was too lonely, needy, vulnerable, and way to eager to just be in someone's company. Ha ha. No more. I also realize that most of the men I was allowing in to my life were not on my level. I don't shop for my clothes at Kmart so why am I shopping for my men there. You with me?

Last weekend, I went to a Reggae club to celebrate my birthday. No sooner than I walked in the door a 6'4, 225 lbs. handsome gentleman, Mr. Barbados, struck up a conversation with me and bought me a drink. He left his Visa card open at the bar and insisted my Lemon Drops were made with only Grey Goose Vodka. We spent the night talking, laughing, and dancing. Oh, how we danced. He treated me like a prize to be won. He was truly interested in just being in my company. When the evening was over he shook my hand and told me he had a fantastic time sharing my birthday with me. It was so refreshing to share an evening with a true gentleman - he was a class act.

As I reflect on our encounter, I'm sure that my new found confidence and love for myself was apparent. When Mr.Barbados saw me he recognized he was in the presence of a lady. Not a lonely, vulnerable, willing to do anything to be in his company girl, but instead a lady. Therefore, I was treated like a lady. I've said this before, this journey is not about what I've lost, but EVERYTHING I've gained. I now recognize my self-worth and I shop strictly at Neiman Marcus.

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