Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nothing owns me

There I was on the stationary bike, butt throbbing thinking, "Why do they have to make these seats so narrow and hard?" I was only about two minutes into the ride and my mind started racing with reasons to get off. The biggest reason: My butt hurt. Yet all the scenarios I came up with in my head -- there was not one valid reason to get off the bike. Getting off the first time makes it so much easier to get off the next time. And so I stayed. I gently moved my tush around for a small amount of relief and kept pedaling...10, 15, 20 minutes into the ride and with every interval I was inching closer to my goal.

Throughout this journey, there have been plenty of instances when an exercise or an exercise class has been challenging for me. I've found myself in some pretty compromising positions in exercise classes and just out doing my own thing in the gym, but I never let that come between me and my goal.  There I was in boot camp -- probably in retrospect, I was way too out of shape to really be there. Anyway,  I was out of breath, the whole room spinning. I had to walk away. Regroup. I went to the locker room, cried and went back in class for the second half. Sure, it's one thing to walk away from something if it's challenging but to completely give up and quit is just not an option for me. Like Vince Lombardi, said: "Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit." 

I'm pleased to say last week after just a week I was able to ride for an hour. So now that I can go the distance - it's the mental thing. Coach now has moved me into intervals - the more intensity the more calories you burn. So today, I done 25 minutes with 10 burst of speed for 30 seconds with an incline of 7.  Since, I'm still rehabbing my leg. Coach feels the bike is the best bang for my buck. He doesn't want me jumping, jogging just yet too risky - don't want to re-injure. So for now I'm just riding hard. Nothing owns me.

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