Friday, August 5, 2011

The American Dream

Tomorrow, I'll make my motivational speaking debut. I'm super-excited as this is something I've always wanted to do. My girlfriend and I, have long said that I would make a great motivational speaker. We just  never knew what capacity I would motivate folks, but here it is! I'm grateful, proud, and honored. 

The five themes I'll follow:                                 
  1. Hard work
  2. Making adjustments
  3. Staying the course
  4. Believing in self
  5. Never giving up
Here's a snippet of my speech:

"...This time around I knew the changes I sought would not come without hard work. I know you, can appreciate hard work. The American Dream – your generation is probably the last that believed in and worked for it.  America was built on hard work, companies like: Ford Motor and GE were booming and you were a part of that movement. Hard work comes in all forms and sometimes emotional  and mental hard work can be equally if not more taxing than physical...."

So there it is friends. Tomorrow morning, I'll have the pleasure of sharing my story in a totally different medium - speaking. I so love my life! Maybe this is my version of "The American Dream."

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