Monday, May 16, 2011

The look, Fat Mack Truck

So last night I had this blog post already written (see below). Today, however, the day moved in a direction that I had not planned so I ended up at the gym at an early hour. When I got to the gym I saw several of my old gym buddies who I haven't seen since before my accident. To my surprise they had a different opinion of me They all mentioned how well I was getting around on my leg and even went so far to say,"You have the look...You are beautiful. We can totally tell you have lost weight. We can really see it in your face and upper body. Your body looks sculpted...." Ha ha. Me sculpted? What an ego boost. I wish I could just constantly remind myself that I'm beautiful no matter what size and I'm not fat because fat is a state of mind. I don't want outside forces to make me waiver how I feel about myself - good or bad. So yeah, it's nice to receive the compliments, but I want the feeling to be internal. Apparently, I'm still a work in progress in this area.

Here's the blog post which was originally titled: "Fat Mack Truck"

I normally try to stay away form negative self-talk, but... Lately, I've been feeling really fat in my mid-section. I'm assuming my lack of movement, barely walking and  hobblin' on crutches for eight weeks kind of caught up with me. Sure, I was working out some, but not at the intensity level at which I was use to. So, my stomach just feels, well like a big mound of jelly. I know, I know I shouldn't say things like that, but that's how I feel. Now, since I'm up and moving around I can start working on my core again because I feel rather disgusting. Ugh.

The first couple of days I walked without crutches my left foot was so painfully tender -- ouch! Since I have spent the last several weeks recovering my body is de-conditioned. My physical therapist says that's quite normal. I did have major surgery after all and have been pretty sedentary. So after normal everyday activities I feel really, really beat up like a MACK truck has run over me  Hence, the title Fat Mack Truck.

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