Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meatless Monday

Yesterday, I decided to join the "Meatless Monday" movement. Watching the documentary, "Food Inc." was a real eye-opener for me and swayed my decision to jump on the bandwagon. I am very, very disappointed and disheartened about our government's role with food, the meat industry, and the mistreatment of animals. Another blog post will have to be written for this topic.  Anyhow, here's a list of my meatless meals:

Breakfast: Grilled zucchini, onion, and mushroom frittata with half of a grapefruit and black coffee.

Lunch: Spinach with Orzo and Feta 
This was my first time trying this Martha Stewart recipe. It comes from her cookbook "Everyday Food." It's so appropriately titled, all  the recipes are easy to prepare using "Everyday Food."  The highlight of this simple dish was the tangy, crumbles of Feta.Yum!

Post workout snack: Whey Protein shake made with Almond milk served with an orange.

Dinner: Sunny-side Up Lentil Salad  
I was instantly drawn to this recipe from Self magazine because of the use of Lentils. I just tried Lentils for the  first time last week and couldn't wait to use and eat them again. I love the nutty texture and mild taste. Bonus: Tons of protein. The dish was delightful although I wasn't thrilled about the dressing.

I felt good about the food I ate yesterday and was satisfied. Although, I was certainly okay with my meal choices and I'm appalled by the meat industry. I'm not planning on becoming vegetarian or vegan anytime soon. I will, however, make Meatless Monday's a regular part of my nutrition plan. It's NOT only better for me, but better for the environment.

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